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Which Ring Light is Right for You?

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It's no secret that if you are a photographer, videographer, beauty vlogger or all around digital production connoisseur (such as we are), you've gotten your hands on a ring light... or want to.

It's reason for fame is quite simple - it's fabulous! Our beauty vloggers can rely on it for even lighting and flattering close up shots in their tutorials while our photographers and videographers have created some very impressive work using the light in just about every possible method.

We are fortunate to service a network of people who, no matter their field, are artists. Therefore, putting something like a ring light in their hands opens the floodgates for creativity.

One day I will have to list the MANY finished products from people who use these lights but this post is not for helping you decide if you want the Ring Light in your studio- it is to help you decide which Ring Light you want! We know there are so many options now days so we wanted to create a visual for you to help you decide which one has exactly what you need. Many times we get confused with options, and wind up with a tool that does not scale to our needs or on the contrary, pay for something that frankly might just be overkill.

So... let's think about your setup. 

  • What size is your room? do you need to light the wall behind you to eliminate shadows?
  • Will you use the Ring Light to light multiple faces? will you need the stand mounting feature?
  • Will you use the Ring Light to light your face? will you need the tripod mounting feature?
  • How familiar with setting up lights are you? if you don't know all the ways to use the light - be careful to not limit yourself
  • Does your room have sufficient natural lighting? a properly placed tungsten light can be added to show the depth of background
  • Will you use the Ring Light to light your face while taking video? tripod mounting feature required. Dimming recommended

After answering these questions, check out the chart below and choose the light that is best for your room, job, and budget. If you find that you will need a full lighting kit, read about our Ring Light kits inspired by Judy from  Itsjudytime.


You can find this in the categories section under Lighting > Diva Ring Light

Hope this helps you choose your Diva Ring Light. Of course, if you still have questions you know who to call! 

Your comments are welcomed and valued :)

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